Recording Student Presentations

Some instructors have set up student dropboxes for their courses so that students can upload speeches or other multimedia assignments. The handouts below will help you record and submit your Panopto-based assignments. Projects may be recorded using your web browser (Panopto Web Capture), installing the Panopto Recorder software for Windows or Mac, using an app on your smartphone or tablet, or uploading an existing video file.

Accessing Panopto

SCC Panopto (opens in a new window)

Panopto may also be accessed from these locations:

  • D2L – Link on the homepage screen
  • D2L – Assignments menu from your course
  • MySCC Portal – Click on Academics>SCCOnline>Panopto Lecture Capture

Assignments must be recorded and submitted using SCC’s Panopto server. Do not use a trial account from Panopto Pro or your instructor will not be able to see your recording.

Panopto Capture (no software installation needed)

Capture uses your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook’s web browser to record. Screen capture allows you to record your screen or a PowerPoint presentation. Custom backgrounds are supported. This is the best option for most student projects, since nothing needs to be installed.

Simply log into Panopto, click the Create button, and click Panopto Capture to get started. The document below has step-by-step instructions.

Panopto Recorder

The Panopto Recorder must be downloaded and installed on the computer first. It features enhanced integration with PowerPoint.  The Recorder offers more flexibility in recording settings.  It’s a good choice when making multiple recordings or when Internet connections are poor, since the video is recorded on the hard drive first and then uploaded to the server.

Windows Recorder

Mac Recorder

Panopto Mobile App (smartphones/tablets)

The Panopto apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android can be used to record live from the device camera or upload a previous recording. It is not possible to share a screen or record from PowerPoint on a phone or tablet. Learn more about the Panopto mobile app.

Already Have a Video Recorded?

Note: Do not use the Upload Video option if your assignment requires you to incorporate a PowerPoint presentation. Use Panopto Capture or the Panopto Recorder instructions above.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance with Panopto, please contact SCCOnline at or call us during business hours at (864) 592-4961 or toll-free (888) 364-9080.  Please do not contact Panopto directly as they will just refer your request back to SCCOnline.