Honorlock/LockDown Browser Semester Setup

If you use Honorlock or LockDown Browser for proctored online tests, please do the following at the beginning of the semester or after copying a test from another course section:

Honorlock: Select the Honorlock option from the Quizzes menu in your course. Your tests will be listed and you must enable each test you wish to use Honorlock with.

LockDown Browser: Click on the LockDown Browser tab in Quizzes. You may see a spinning circle while the tests synchronize with the server. Review your test settings. Please do not use the Lock students into the browser until exam is completed option. If the student has a computer crash or loss of Internet, it can be very difficult to unlock the computer, which results in support calls and frustrated students. Without the option checked, students who voluntarily leave a test can leave a message to the instructor about why they left.

Failure to update the settings before students begin tests may cause error messages and block students from completing their tests.