Honorlock is an online proctoring system for tests in D2L Brightspace and other online testing systems. A webcam is used to monitor the testing environment according to the test requirements set by the instructor. Students are locked into the test and are not to access to other programs, unapproved websites, or printing. Your instructor will let you know if Honorlock is required for tests in your online or web-enhanced course. SCC is using this technology while the Testing Center capacity is reduced due to COVID-19.

Installing Honorlock (Windows/Mac/Chromebook)

Honorlock uses an easy to install extension to the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, or a Chromebook. Use the link below to install and test it out.

Install Honorlock

After installing Honorlock, read the tips below and try it with the practice test in your course or the one in the SCCOnline Online Learning Tutorial class in D2L. It is best to do this as far in advance of your first online test as possible so you can work out any technical issues. You can get 24/7 live help before or during a test by clicking LiveChat button.

If you are using a school or work computer and are unable to install Honorlock, please contact your organization’s IT department for assistance.

Before Taking an Online Test

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet place with good lighting where you will not be interrupted by other people. Clear all books, papers, phones, and calculators, unless specifically allowed by your instructor. Do not have a radio, TV, or music playing while taking the test.
  2. Exit out of any other programs that are running on your computer and reboot your computer. This clears your computer’s memory making it less likely to lock up or crash while taking a test.
  3. Use a wired Internet connection for the best reliability. Poor network connections can cause tests to lock up or answers not to be recorded.
  4. If you choose a wireless connection (wifi or cellular hotspot), check your signal strength before starting. It should be good or excellent. If not, find a location with a better signal.
  5. Tests must be taken in one sitting, so make sure you have enough time to complete the test before starting it. You cannot start the test and then change your mind or pause the test.

Taking a Test with LockDown Browser and Monitor

  1. Log into D2L with using the Google Chrome web browser, select your course, and navigate to the test.
  2. Your browser will check to see if the Honorlock extension has been installed. Add the extension if needed.
  3. Read the test instructions carefully, noting the time limits. You can back out if you’re not ready to begin.
  4. Complete the webcam check, photo, ID check, and environment check.
  5. Once the test appears, the countdown clock will start.
  6. If you experience problems while taking the test, click LiveChat. If Honorlock detects a problem, a proctor may pop in.
  7. When completed, click Submit Quiz and confirm that you are finished.
  8. Once your quiz is finished, you can review your results. Instructors can choose whether the test questions or answers are displayed. Contact your instructor if you have questions or concerns about the results.

Can I use a tablet or a smartphone?

No, these are not currently supported by Honorlock.

Can I use a Chromebook?

Yes, as long your Chromebook has a Webcam and microphone connected. SCC has worked with many of the area school districts to ensure that their Chromebooks allow Honorlock.


Please use the LiveChat function inside Honorlock if you experience problems with the test first. They are available 24/7, so it is more likely that it can be resolved without missing a test deadline, especially at night or on the weekend. SCCOnline will also try to assist students with technical problems, but cannot extend test deadlines. Only course instructors can do this.

Please take advantage of the practice test in your course or the practice test in the SCCOnline Online Learning Tutorial to make sure that you can install and successfully use Honorlock prior to a graded test.