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D2L Brightspace Basic Training

Part 1 – D2L Basics

New to D2L?  Here’s where you start! Learn the basics of setting up a course, communicating with students, adding content, and managing grades.

  • Logging in and navigating D2L Brightspace
  • Customizing the course banner and instructor information
  • Preparing and uploading course materials for use online
  • Adding resources from the World Wide Web or your textbook
  • Communicate with students through Announcements, Calendar, and E-mail
  • Set up an manage online discussions
  • Set up and manage student grades
  • Submit never attends and final grades
  • Online accessibility

Part 2 – D2L Assignments and Online Tests

Whether you wish to create a pop quiz, chapter test, or your final exam, D2L is a very flexible tool for creating online assessments.  Topics covered include:

  • Set up and manage online assignments
  • Overview of question types
  • Entering new questions
  • Reusing questions from another test
  • Setting dates, times, and other test settings
  • Tips for importing publisher test banks


Introduction to Panopto

Learn how to create your own video presentations or classroom recordings, incorporate screen captures and PowerPoint files, and share them.

Self-paced online available in D2L. 


Respondus Tools

Respondus Test Editor Instructor Training (webinar)

Create and edit online tests in a user-friendly environment. Easily created printed versions of online tests, including multiple versions and answer keys. Convert tests from Microsoft Word or other online course systems. Access publisher tests through the Respondus Test Bank Network.

Register now (select Brightspace/Desire2Learn as the learning management system) 

LockDown Browser (webinar)

Learn the basics of Respondus LockDown Browser, a test security tool that is ideal for tests given in the SCC Testing Center or an on-campus computer lab.  LockDown prevents access to other websites, computer programs, copy/paste, and printing. It may also be used to lock down test results with answers.  LockDown does not use webcam monitoring, so Honorlock is a better choice for off-campus use.

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