Importing a D2L Rubric

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It’s not uncommon for faculty to share rubrics that they have created in D2L. This tutorials will walk you through how to import an exported D2L rubric you may have received or downloaded.

  1. Click EDIT COURSE in your Navigation bar.
    edit course hyperlink in navigation bar
  2. Make sure you are in the CATEGORY view tab.
    category view button
  3. Scroll down to SITE RESOURCES and
    click IMPORT / EXPORT / COPY COMPONENTSImport Export Copy link
  4. Select IMPORT and click BROWSE to locate the file.
    import Browse
  5. Locate and select the D2L ZIP file that was sent you.
    Click OPEN.
    File selected and to be opened.
  6. Click START.
    Start file import
  7. D2L will then process the file. When done, click CONTINUE.
    Successful Process confirmed with checkmarks.
  8. Decide if you want to override a file if it already exists.
    Select RUBRICS.
    Select IMPORT ALL ITEMS or individual items (if more than one and you want to be selective about what you choose).
    Selected components to import
  9. Click CONTINUE.
  10. Click CONTINUE again.
    Component to import Confirmed
  11. If successful, you should see a checkmark next to each step of import.
    Click FINISH.
    Import success as indicated by checkmarks
  12. Click DONE on the Import Summary.
    import Summary
  13. Click EDIT COURSE in the navigation bar.
    edit course hyperlink in navigation bar
  14. Verify the CATEGORY view tab is selected.
    category view button
  15. Scroll to ASSESSMENT and click the RUBRICS link.
    rubrics icon in edit course section
  16. The newly added Rubric will appear in your list, waiting to be edited and published.
    Imported Rubric highlighted in List