D2L – Adding Table Headers

  1. In your pages EDIT Mode, click on the table you are adding headers to. Selected table has square handles on outer corners
  2. Click and drag your mouse across the row or column you are wanting to encode as the table header.
    highlighted cells are displayed in blue
  3. Choose the DropDown menu next to the INSERT TABLE button. choose table Cell Properties
  5. In the General tab, choose HEADER from the dropdown next to CELL TYPE. Headers for cell type will change the content from a data role
  6. Select the dropdown menu next to SCOPE. Scope indicates what your selected cell headers is for (row, column, a group of rows or a group of columns). scope identifies whether the header is for a row or column
  7. Choose the option most appropriate.
  8. Click UPDATE. update
  9. Headers will automatically be bolded.
    table headers are automatically bolded