D2L – Adding Descriptive Display Text for URLs

    1. Copy the URL you are wanting to link to.
      select and copy url link
    2. While in EDIT mode on your D2L content page, click INSERT QUICKLINK.
      click insert QuickLink to add a hyperlink
    3. Choose URL for “What do you want to insert?”
      URL is used for hyperlinks to websites and pages
    4. Paste the URL in the Details URL section.
      Paster or enter in the entire URL
    5. Enter in your descriptive text in the LINK CAPTION section.
      This will be text the user and screen readers read.
      Use a descriptive caption for your link
    6. Choose NEW WINDOW if the source is outside of the D2L course.
      new Windows open URL in a new tab
    7. Click INSERT.
      insert button
    8. Your new descriptive link text shows up on your page.
      Final inserted link uses the caption as the displayed text

Editing a Link’s Title
D2L doesn’t really allow you to Edit a link you already have placed. For now, it is easier to erase the link and follow the above steps.