D2L – Adding an Image with a Text Alternative

  1. In your page’s Edit mode, click the INSERT IMAGE button on the Content Editor Toolbar.
    insert image icon
  2. Locate and select your image then click  DONE.
    Upload allows you to select a file from your computer or course files
  3. The next screen prompts you to add the Alternative Text. Enter in a short description of the image. If you need a longer description, give a brief description here (chart of housing sales declining) and then give a fuller explanation in the actual text this image will appear in.
    Use a brief description of image for alternative text
  4. IF the image is decorative (contains no relevant information), choose IMAGE IS DECORATIVE. This will allow the screen reader to bypass it.
    Decorative items require no alternative text.
  5. click OK.
  6. As you mouse over the image, you will be able to see the Text Alternative applied to the image.
    The alt text displays when you mouseover an image